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Russia. Saint-Petersburg. 1995.  Author :  Igor Zaborowsky©1980-2017


Since the dawn of time man has tried to understand the world
in which he had to live , but that is the nature , fauna and man himself , and much more.
The most notable and the most important is that the person tries to change himself, his world and he’s got something……,but unfortunately very little.

Soul impulses,
Spring bloom
Go to sleep my mind
And eternity is…

The main value.

Unfortunately, so arranged this world that WE are entering into it have no choice at all, that is at least to consent to the birth of this light,and in that regard is quite sad: the BIRTH of VIOLENCE. Let us IMAGINE the IMPOSSIBLE: There is a choice, taking information about the world today,the development and the existence of good and evil, on the state of cultural development of States and more in General, and in particular, and also about themselves, about their capabilities get a good script Super Fantastic Movie, but seriously, it is not known yet would YOU be born in this family, the state, and so on. That would be competition in the choice.. fate. And then weak development of the society (family, country) became extinct… FANTASTIC. And VERY SERIOUS: in fact WE are the smart talented to die even without knowing about it, because the life that WE found and the circumstances in which WE were (are)not OUR fault, and our destiny. How many discoveries, inventions and masterpieces of mankind have received less because of their imperfections, only 1% of the intellectual potential of mankind — the unseen power. Emphasize that modern scientific and technical development of mankind the fruit of a fairly small number of geniuses,and how many of them failed for different reasons… I want to emphasize that every new-born child has all the rights to the best life which at this point in time only exists, and if this does not work really, it is a problem of the state, society, parents, but not the child as he is and concepts that these does not have or rather:not have any. And so back to the problem of choice:the Main thing is I (physical, mental ability, character, etc.) parents (?)time(?)social and financial situation of the family (?)…. this list, perhaps someone would have continued and someone would not have started.Regardless of whether we accept or disregard this fact does Not select from it could depend a lot in the future with regard to ourselves, and society (state) as a whole.It seems to me that a society that is aware of this glaring injustice and will make every effort to correct inbound conditions for every child higher, has all the tendencies to prosperity in all things.But before this society should have in their worldview is the one immutable rule: THE HAPPINESS OF MEETING A NEW CLEAN PERSON, SO THIS BABY WILL CONTINUE OUR AGE., largely soiled us.Can’t say that many of the problems of humanity are linked to misunderstanding of the values of man and who man.Unfortunately, I come to the worst that mankind has invented. Namely, a sophisticated self-hatred such and generally to everything around him not even an animal, maybe the animal is a predator doesn’t kill its prey for fun. We must all remember that terrible beast than MAN our long-suffering planet didn’t know. The devil is not in Hell he is in us. The worst and the most bloodthirsty mindless KILLER with no purpose or meaning in his murders… and the nasty…and proud of it.. I have no words to Express all the feelings of that monster of monsters. Think it’s WE and it continues. All that we have from our inception animal plus brains data creation and used on …….reluctant to even talk. We use the most valuable thing that we have SOUL and BRAINS for what? But we can become GODS.Humanity has very little history of its development, and therefore consciousness, and to put it simply need to recover from childhood illnesses. In my opinion, I would define our present development as a NURSERY.The biggest problem of humanity is not the demand for each.You have already been born — and that’s just your problem, You grew up, what happiness,but that happiness of the mother, and only You have grown up — lucky me,Oh You are already dead — and we haven’t noticed that, how cool??, where is the society, government and in General what is the concept? It seemed to me that the Family of seven I the Society — the hundred I,the State — thousands I,Humanity — all of me.In General, the modern notion of society organized only at the stage of family — the lowest at best, but really — every man for himself — a primitive in the majority and not just that. And what are the criteria of evaluation and promotion is the society? Not as primitive material. What is material value? Significance each of us feels on a daily basis. Material values without which we cannot exist: food, clothing, housing and so on — the need to own or other — gold, money exchange we can get, but if you speak so. Highlighted concept to POSSESS: to possess money, gold, land and so on, and to assess what you own and generally need a notion of VALUES of an object. Value — is: a direct impact on life-a lot or a little of this-the opportunity to do so-the availability of possession-exchange. For example: bread and gold. Bread — affects life — it is not enough only works — it can be done — personally own-it is possible to exchange Gold is not affected — it is not enough, many do not work — impossible to do alone possess-the exchange (purchase) Another example: air, water, sun.Air — does-its not impossible to do — I own all the impossible exchange Water as the Sun is the same.Another example: the Life of the individual. Life-does-its a little impossible to do-I own all exchange impossible. From these examples you can see that where «owned by all» — «impossible exchange» today, the concept of value is completely abstract,and therefore value is not. At the same time, those items in which there is «sharing is possible» — «it is small» we have elevated to the rank of the highest priorities.In General, you can say what you can put in the «pocket» Value is, and the fact that it is impossible to believe, and not the value.And another conclusion, then that person is able to do is automatically declared value, and what not to do then do nothing. And so to summarize our study on material values. Derive the formula: what affects the existence and procreation is a value. Sorry, but just like in animals. Yes, but notice a very unpleasant detail: produce animals the right to exist by their own labor, and not as we — work of another of their own kind — by the warrior, slavery, theft, robberies, assassinations and other inventions of the genius of a man gaining possession of property of another.. The RESULT: a huge impact on the minds and as a consequence a lot of bad actions.With the introduction we’re losing a lot than gain, and the notion of it as a stimulus ghostly labor TC labor fee — the labor monkeys.In my understanding, «the stimulus of human labor» is the labor because the dominant work is the mind and soul, and not otherwise. Work is for man to think, no matter where he worked,the more he thought the more he is a man,the less he thinks the more he monkey. Frustrating, really. But look how much more we have «monkey labour» the work these professions must perform machines, but not PEOPLE, such work is harmful and dangerous, because it is humiliating for any person.Our measure of MONEY is the worst invention, You just think,man is measured by money, how much it costs — just a NIGHTMARE.What money can measure the mother of his child, is worth a human life, how much are child’s tears and more.PEOPLE THINK ABOUT IT AND COME TO YOUR SENSES. What have YOU invented, and that all the most vile, because of this, how much violence, how much grief.And it goes on. And you don’t need a lot — we can provide all the normal conditions of life now, if you just stop to worship this «Golden calf». How much effort and money goes nowhere: tell me, why the army now, who and who is going to attack, why thrown away so much money on armaments, stop inventing enemies, they are not. First of all to unite in the Union of the peoples, create a Council of planets, remove the border, create one the only armed force on the planet with a specific purpose, forbidding the armed forces of States because there is no point in them, to prohibit the manufacture of weapons in States in addition to the planetary order, do everything you can to eliminate any conflicts they are all inflated, and the solution of their apparently simple die, and policy-hookers on horseback. After all, everything revolves around the same damned money and the notorious power. Enjoy a truly human problems: sickness, health, science, art,ecology and much more useful need, and not a children’s nonsense «from give my toy.» AND YOU DO NOT RECOGNIZE YOURSELF. IT’S TIME TO GROW UP. Create a unified economic policy on the planet who what better to do, what to grow where, and so on, and most importantly APPRECIATE each person and he will give YOU much more than what YOU grant him. And most importantly he needs YOUR attention and confidence of usefulness and value to society and unnecessary there will be no money, because he will give YOU your heart, soul, talent and life, finally. REMEMBER LIFE IS SHORT AT ALL.
The sequel must follow.

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